food & wine

Where to taste the typical local products, traditional and contemporary excellence.

our advice on where to eat, drink or buy typical products
Bars, restaurants, markets and taverns near our structure

Our staff is at your complete disposal to provide information, names or brochures of the individual structures.

300m from the structure

Ai Casoni sandwich shop

Bar, brewery, sandwich shop. Excellent refreshment point for snacks, breakfasts, lunches or dinners. Informal venue suitable for groups or the whole family.

1.5km from the structure

Market area and services

Mas: small village where you can buy all the basic necessities, pharmacy, butcher, bakery, tobacconist, ice cream shop, fruit and vegetables, etc., reachable on foot or by bicycle from a comfortable tree-lined secondary road surrounded by nature.

Sport & Fun
Nature & Tourism
CozyStay Mountain Hotel
via Casoni 24 – 32036 Sedico (BL)
Veneto, Italy
Tel: (+39) 331 14 74 323
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