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6km from the structure

Belluno, old town
and Palazzo Fulcis

Enjoy a relaxing walk through the characteristic streets of the historic center of our capital and treat yourself to a visit to the art collection of the Civic Museum of Palazzo Fulcis.

8.5km from the structure

Bus del Buson

The incredible secret canyon of the Belluno Dolomites, as well as an extraordinary stone auditorium to host outdoor concerts: an extraordinary excursion inside the fossil stream along a circular route suitable for the whole family.

10km from the structure

Lake of Mis e
Cadini del Brenton

A natural setting of rare beauty set among the mountains, where you can go on excursions among the natural cavities shaped by the erosive work of the water of the Brentòn stream, stop for a picnic, relax and sunbathe on the hottest days.

20km from the structure

Brent de l’Art

The characteristic canyons carved into the rock by the Ardo stream, in Valbelluna, famous for their particular shape and the composition of the marble limestone layers with their characteristic colours. One of the most beautiful ecological monuments of the Belluno Prealps.

20km from the structure

Alpe del Nevegàl

A plateau known as “The terrace on the Dolomites” from which you can admire all the beauty of the surrounding landscapes. Many routes and activities that you can do in every season of the year.

23km from the structure

Agordo and surroundings

An enchanting village at the foot of Monte Civetta, also known as the “Graffiti Town” for the many artistic works that can be admired along the streets of the centre. This town is also the economic hub of the area, known for the presence of the headquarters of “Luxottica”, a world leader in the eyewear industry.

27km from the structure

Santa Croce lake

The largest lake in the province of Belluno: a natural body of water that reflects the Alpago mountains and Nevegal on its crystalline waters. Here it is possible to practice many tourist and sporting activities and relax along the equipped banks.

30km from the structure

The Vajont dam

A visit to this place allows you to learn about the facts and testimonies that led to the tragic event known as the “Vajont disaster”. A way not to forget but also to experience the history that this place preserves up close.

45km from the structure

Cansiglio Forest

The Cansiglio is a pre-Alpine plateau where there is one of the most beautiful centuries-old beech and fir forests which, with its 7,000 hectares, represents the second largest Italian forest. One of the most popular destinations for hikers, also ideal for spending a day lying in the meadows sunbathing and having a picnic.

75km from the structure

Cortina d'Ampezzo

The most famous tourist destination in the area, a location defined as the “Queen of the Dolomites” which can boast a thousand-year history and a long tradition in tourism and winter sports.

89km from the structure

Misurina lake

Thanks to its crystal clear waters and the imposing mountains that surround it, Lake Misurina is also nicknamed the “Pearl of Cadore”. An ideal destination for both cycling enthusiasts and tourists looking for a pleasant excursion.

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